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Work for Redwoods River Resort!Ever wanted to spend the Summer or Winter amongst the giant Redwoods and not have to pay for it? Get all the benefits of the Resort without paying any of the fees, plus get the chance to play tourist and see the sights on your time off.

We are always looking for reliable, fun people to join our team for a season or more! Feel free to inquire about our current openings.

Call us at 707-925-6249 or e-mail us at

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~Job Opportunities~

We hire for the Summer season (May - Sep) arriving in late April, and for Winter season (Oct - Apr) arriving in late September.

We like to hire couples as our work load and schedules are centered around groups of two, but we will gladly take applications from singles. We are looking for easy going fun people to work in our laid back family atmosphere. Things can get very busy and hectic at times but a sense of humor and ability to work together will make our season a successful one.

For our Summer season employees we pay for all hours worked and provide a full hookup site. Work load will vary depending on occupancy but expect to work 5 days a week an average of 6 hours a day.

For our Winter season employees we provide a full hookup site. Work load will vary depending on occupancy but expect to work 3 days a week an average of 4 hours a day.

The positions we have available are:

Store Clerk/Reservations - Work in our on site store, taking phone reservations and walk in reservations. Handle in store sales for our guests and walk ins. This requires use of a computerized cash register and reservation system, as well as cash handling abilities. Training will be provided.

Park Maintenance - Handles any maintenance needs for the Resort, a true “Jack of All Trades” position. Also helps to maintain the cleanliness of bathrooms depending on shift schedule. Can be expected to do anything from painting to plumbing to cleaning the pool. Other duties may include but are not limited to, delivering firewood, checking occupancy of sites, cleaning fire pits, helping guests with any need. Tools are provided.

Housekeeping - Responsible for cleaning our 8 motel rooms, 7 cabins, 2 camping cabins, recreation room and pool bathroom. Also responsible for doing the laundry for the Resort and keeping track of the cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are provided.


“ We just started full timing and this was our first job out of the gate, we could not have chosen a better place to start or better people to work for. It’s too bad we already scheduled our Winter season or we would have gladly stayed. Every other place we work will now be measured against Redwoods River Resort, the bar has been set high indeed.”

~Dave and Michele


We are a Good Sam Resort!
We give AAA Discounts!
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Employment Opportunities

Redwoods River Resort & Campground 75000 Highway 101
 Leggett, CA 95585
Phone: 707-925-6249
Fax: 707-925-6413

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